Assholes Are Best Admired From Afar

I can't be bothered with talented wankers.

Assholes Are Best Admired From Afar

I've spent time trying to understand Terrible People.

Because there's often an intersect between terrible and brilliant.

I like Elon Musk's work, but imagine having to work for him - I couldn't do it to myself.

Brilliant leaders are better than an MBA, but being on that journey usually involves pain; the way flighty, unattainable lovers are great in fiction - but in real life, hard on the heart.

I've worked for talented, decent people who taught me a lot. And for uncompromising visionaries too, who were skilled at their jobs but whose other traits were toxic. Psychopaths with the Midas Touch.

Their reputations shimmer brightly, but up close, that asshole nature is blinding.

So align with greatness, sure - but don't buy into the hype.

Assholes are best admired from afar.