Don't Drop

The future. It's slippery AF.

Don't Drop

We kill genius all the time, by accident.

Business deals that fall through because we don't follow up. Great ideas dead without notes. Opportunities forgotten due to lack of reminders.

I know a guy who lost the girl of his dreams because he didn't open an email.

It's how marriages crumble, and millions in Bitcoin end up in a dump.

Hegarty's 80/80 rule shows: great ideas aren't enough, they need follow-through. The quiet persistence that doggedly completes. Why glam Steve Jobs hired dull Tim Cook. Why Lady has a Haus of Gaga.

But who can blame us?

Life moves fast, and new things are thrilling.

Tsundoku has us excited by the next book. Hinge gets us hyped for the next kiss.

We love novelty, worship it; freshness and youth keeps us living.

But imagine what we've lost: world-changing businesses, poetry in fried hard drives. Friendships frozen in time; that died without a fight, just fizzled.

It's why I take notes, care for memories. Have rituals to remind myself: don't forget. You can build a second brain, cultivate a garden, get a friend to hassle you - anything to just hold on.

Because what you have right now might be the best yet.

Don't drop.




image: Serenity Mitchell