Buy low. Sell high. And cultivate our most valuable currency.


Goodwill is a form of wealth. We do well to grow it.

As a backpacker, lost and stumbling through the language, etc. - many would look down on me. But more would be willing to help.

As a start-up, low-key hustle helped us attract favours, introductions, and help. Goodwill.

In love, I tried half a dozen dating apps. But a mutual friend’s kind introduction set me up for life.

Enjoying goodwill reminds us: it never pays to be tacky.

It’s hard to wish well towards someone who’s riding too high. Same with someone arrogant, vain, boastful, indolent or proud.

Goodwill is a currency, somewhere between a donation and a blank cheque.

Between individuals, it's an informal economy of favours.

Across society, a parallel stockmarket.

After all, the media trades continuously in the currency of goodwill.

We can have our eyes drawn to a tragedy, generous to the point of harm.

Or enraged by headlines that evaporate goodwill towards an out-group.

It's easy to forget: friendships are more valuable than success.

So when society appears at its most competitive and transactional, it's a beautiful irony to remember: our most valuable assets are unbuyable favours.