Keep Salting

A little too much, and you're almost there.

Keep Salting

I swear it was in a Tim Ferriss book or podcast, but damned if I can find it.

A lesson from an aspiring chef, learning to season:

Add salt, he was told, and don't be shy.

Every time you plate up chips, use more salt.

Keep salting, until eventually someone sends a plate back, for being too salty.

Dial it back a touch - and you've hit perfect.

It's among my favourite pieces of advice for building confidence in anything.

Introverts don't know how hard to push.

Freelancers don't know how much to charge.

Jokers don't know how much to tease.

Agreeable people don't know how hard to say No.

The reality is, you don't know til you've gone too far.

So dial it up, little by little.

Keep salting.