In Praise Of Smol

Hustle needs to drop the tough guy act, and pick up a kitten.

In Praise Of Smol

Cuteness is underrated in business. War metaphors dominate; kittens are for personal time.

But cuteness is disarming. Personalised messages, thoughtful touches, small gifts and gestures.

The very best are all about it, we just don't talk about it.

So let's be more kawaii 🤗


What do I mean by cuteness? Not 'attractiveness' in any sense. Or irony.

For me, it's whimsy, charm, vulnerability. Which is probably why most businesses avoid it; it doesn't project overt strength.


An analogue, handmade, homemade feel (cuteness!) cuts through in a world where "#Design" dominates.

It's less expected, which is one reason @Lush, long-time purveyors of cuteness, have done so well.

Any unimaginative business can be generically friendly. But it takes a little disruptive spirit to be cute. Especially if you're in the insurance game and turning grudge purchase lemons into something delightful like @Lemonade_Inc.

Or you're starting a bank like @monzo at a time when people fucking hate banks.

Brands can be transformed by cute. A boring, functional comparison site, driven by the power of charm and whimsy.

Luxury can be cute too, because cute is playful, and playfulness is innately human no matter how much or how little it costs.

So encourage cuteness. Collaborate with cuteness.

And celebrate it.

Even if you are utterly immune to its charms... its true potential has yet to be realised.