Ugly Beautiful

His plain materials.

Ugly Beautiful

There's grace in using plain materials.

Weird and ugly ones, too.

People say our world was changed forever by printing, just waiting for its first big hit. But back then, no one was writing in English - it was Latin in church, and French for poems: English was just a grubby language for the poor.

Until Chaucer took it to the level of art.

Concrete used to be vulgar, all breeze blocks and brutalism. It took architects like Tadao Ando to make it glow.

There are artists who create wonders with a Biro, or master drums made of buckets.

Heston Blumenthal convinced people to pay top-dollar for school dinners. Others plate up junk food like pros.

Lady Gaga wore cured meat as couture.

Chris Ofili paints with shit; Emin recreated her bed.

How we see something changes how we see it.

Ugly's just waiting to be beautiful.




image: Patrick Tourneboeuf